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All episodes from our most recent edition of Etched Onyx Magazine will be available here.  A new show is posted every two weeks after the initial release of the on-line magazine.  Thank you for listening, we hope you enjoy the stories, and the show.

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​The Audition

A humorous tale of a musical director vetting aspiring actors and the unlikely impact on all involved.  After the reading we speak with Becky Hinshaw about the origin of the story, writing practices, the challenge of creativity during a pandemic, and even bear attacks.

​Constance Beach

The Bleecker family looks to enjoy some much-anticipated together-time at Constance Beach, but nature, and those pivotal moments in life, may have other plans. After the story we speak with Christopher about writing inspiration, his approach to storytelling, and an emotion he most appreciates.  It might surprise you.  Also, keep an eye out for his debut novel, We Take Care of Our Own, to be out soon.

​Just Start

Discover a safe place, where a chance interaction between two strangers struggling to overcome their demons, changes both lives and hearts.  After the reading, Melissa reveals her writing style as well as some of her surprising friends. Bonus points to those who can guess the type of bird that performs a few cameos during the interview.

​Sense of Taste

Lauren is on a mission. She needs some chips, and she needs them now, but sometimes your past gets in the way. Even at the grocery store.  After the reading, we talk with April about what sparked the idea for this story, and how a background in journalism informs her fiction and non-fiction writing. 

Old James and the Whittler

Coming Early March, 2021