Onyx Publications

Our Origin Story

Our Mission, Our Assertion

Onyx Publications is a nano-publishing house based in Nashville, Tennessee, and created by two aspiring writers for the purpose of helping others gain experience in the business of publication through a collaborative and shared-learning approach. 

Our assertion is that writing is a process. A process that requires continuous investment of time, effort, and experience.  We propose to share our experience, and invest some of our time, with you, in the hopes that both you and we, shall become better writers through this endeavor.

Writing is Creation.
Creation is Life.
Life is a Story.

We look forward to sharing your story with the world.

Write it, post it, and let readers find it -- organically.

We don’t believe in heavily paid advertising and marketing. Our focus is on finding good works and getting them into our on-line magazine, Etched Onyx. Our philosophy is Marketing through Discovery. We will include your work in our publication, read the piece and interview you on our Story Discovery Podcast, and occasionally send notifications to our email. While we do market our publication through social media, we will not spend gobs of time over-hyping stories or books on twitter, facebook, instagram, or pinterest. We’d rather spend time reading and writing.

We will, however, collaborate with you to get the word out on your social media platforms, and will help you do so under the Onyx Publications umbrella, but we are not a marketing firm, we are a nano-publishing company.

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JW McAteer has a storied past (or at least, he likes to think so), beginning with his first real-job working part-time for a textbook publisher (mind you, in the shipping department), while slogging through undergraduate school, eventually getting an MA in Geography and Environmental Planning.  His careers have been varied, including insurance, urban planning, transportation planning, mass transit, and now, publishing. In 2014, JW started his own consulting business and, more importantly, began writing his first novel. This is where Onyx Publications becomes relevant. 

After writing, learning, and delving into the publishing and self-publishing world, JW realized there’s a need for helping writers -- who mostly just want to write -- get their works into the world. McAteer has experience running a successful business, producing a podcast, and managing web resources. After self-publishing his own children’s book (nothing  fantastic -- just as a way to learn the process) he understood that while not difficult, the self-publishing world is also not easy. Thus, he reached out to his writing group comrads who dreamed of creating an alternative path to traditional publishing and straight-up self-publishing, where writers can have a middle ground -- working cooperatively with a nano-publisher to get their creations in front of a broader audience. 

Enter Onyx Publications, our effort to meet this need while continuing to grow as writers ourselves, through the shared-approach process. 

Melissa Collings provides that sumptuous narration for many of the pieces on the Story Discovery Podcast and co-hosts the show with JW. She steps-in as editor and really, wherever resources are needed. She's written three novels, two of which are being edited for possible publication (fingers crossed!), and a few short stories. She's active in the Nashville writing community and enjoys a good critique that helps writers improve their craft. You can learn more about Melissa and her own publishing endeavors at www.melissacollings.com.  

She comes to Onyx Publications with a love of all genres and a passion to read.