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All episodes from the most recent edition of Etched Onyx Magazine are available on the Podcast page. These shows were released as part of our Spring 2021 Edition. Enjoy!

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​​Le Petit, Le Grand, and Le Mal

Follow a high-school teacher as she attempts to find zen while confronting the daily challenges of supporting her students in an ever-increasing atmosphere of do-more-with-less. After the story, we talk with Melissa about real-life teaching challenges and how this impacts her writing.

​Big / The Elusive Avocado / A Warm Spell in Late February

On today’s show we hear three poems by Francis Fernandes that delve into the interpersonal, the challenge of finding perfection in a world gripped by invisible dangers, and the small pleasures of music and sunshine. Afterward, we hear from Francis about his take on poetry and its power to traverse time and space. You might also be surprised to learn that certain books don’t require bookmarks. 

​A Sign from Above

Felix avoids purchasing the stuffed squirrel, but life throws all kinds of things at you, including signs. What do they mean and where will they lead?  After the reading we talk with Gavin Boyter about his career in freelance writing, movie making, and the joys of writing prompts.

​From Windows

These six poems by Dennis Maloney will take you from beaches to mountains to bedrooms. Lush with imagery and loss, we're sure you'll enjoy them all. After the narration, special guest AM Ringwalt, professor of creative writing at Belmont University and a premier Nashville poet and singer-songwriter, talks with us about poetry basics. She also reads and unpacks one of her own poems, Some People.

​Hollywood Forever

Rising star Roy Ashcroft fears his career is on a downward trajectory. When seeking help from a studio kingmaker, Roy is offered a lifeline, but will it come at an unspeakable price? After the reading, we talk with Jordan about his tenacious approach to writing and get several nuggets about improving your craft. We also discover whether Jordan’s love of music will lead him to become the next big musician to rise from the Nashville soundscape.