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​The King of Weeds

A dead lawnmower, teachers dropping like flies, and a neighbor bent on enforcing homeowner association rules. What more is there to say? This is a story of death, dereliction, and dandelions from the perspective of a high school teacher whose summer break is becoming wilder by the day. During the interview, we talk with author John Eric Vona about the inspiration for the piece, his approach to discovering stories, and how his musician father-in-law taught Eric the most valuable lesson about writing. All audio and story material are copyright 2021, all rights reserved.

​Still, The Noble Fig Tree, and Other Poems

On today’s show we hear five poems by award winning author, Kate Banks. Experience the silence of stillness, the succulence of figs, and the grandeur of an ancient orange tree. Her poems explore that space between the known and intimated, and once you’re there with her, you might not want to leave. Afterward, Kate shares her view on discovering stories and getting inspiration. We also discuss her skills as a certified hypnotherapist as well as some turning-point life experiences that have shaped her inner journey. This is an interview rich in energy and information. You’ll get more out of it than you think. All audio and story material are copyright 2021, all rights reserved.

​Locked Down for Murder

The pandemic lockdown has everyone on edge and the outside world is a place where friends and relatives are trapped inside little boxes on screens. Some are more trapped than others. When the lockdown lifts, what will old high-school acquaintances do to protect one of their own? After the reading, we talk with Cheryl Rieger about the impetus for the story, her writing journey, and her ‘seventh’ novel. She also offers great tips for tracking the complexities of writing mystery and writing in general. All audio, story, and poetry material are copyright 2021, all rights reserved.

​The Caregiver

Patrice worries about her determined aging mother who refuses to leave her three-story Queen Anne Victorian home. In search of a caregiver, mother and daughter discover the challenge and gravity of taking care of one another. During the interview, author Kendall Klym explains the motivation behind the story, the impact of dance on his writing style, and how he interprets storytelling. It might just ‘move’ you. All audio, story, and poetry material are copyright 2021, all rights reserved.

​The Light Body

Coming December 12, 2021

​​Small Town Opera

Coming December 26, 2021