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Etched Onyx Authors - Fall 2021

Thank you to each of the authors below for their artful poetry and prose.

​​John Eric Vona

John Eric Vona writes and teaches in Tampa, FL. His work has appeared in The White Wall Review and Every Day Fiction. He is very happily married and lives in a very loud house with his three kids, two step-kids, and beautiful wife Emily. You can follow him on

​Kate Banks

I was born and raised in Maine where we spent lots of time outdoors. Wildlife and the nature, the rhythm of seasons, were a big part of growing up and learning about life, and they have remained an integral part of my creative work. I attended Wellesley College and received a master’s degree in history from Columbia University. After a stint in publishing I moved to Europe where I’ve spent the past thirty-three years, dividing my time between Italy and France with my family.

I have written many award-winning works for children—from picture books to YA novels. More information at www.katebanksbooks.com

​Cheryl Rieger

Cheryl Wrather Rieger is a writer and fan of crime-fiction about women with murder on their minds. Her works in progress include novels set in East Nashville and Long Island. She has a Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of Michigan, where she conducted research and published on the topic of memory. Her short story in Etched Onyx, inspired by the intersection of the pandemic and noir fiction of the forties and fifties, is her fiction debut. Cheryl and her husband split their time between Nashville and New York City. More information at www.cherylrieger.com

​Kendall Klym

Dr. Kendall Klym has won numerous awards for his short stories, which have been published in literary journals including Solstice, The Chattahoochee Review, Hunger Mountain, and Fiction International. In addition to winning the Tartt First Fiction Award for Step Lightly, his collection of dance stories, Klym is a three-time honorable mention winner of the Great American Fiction Contest and has won writing fellowships at the Fairhope Center for the Writing Arts and Monson Arts. A former professional ballet dancer, Klym earned a PhD in English, with a concentration in Fiction Writing, from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. More information at: www.kendallklym.com

​T. Vojnovski

By day, T. Vojnovski writes nonfiction about learning methodology and design. By night, she writes a proprietary blend of fact and fiction about life in Eastern Europe, particularly the former Yugoslavia. Her interests include geopolitical underdogs, educational justice, and world languages.

​​Tacheny Perry

Tacheny Perry earned a MFA from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. A selection of her work can be found in the Dillydoun Review, Tangled Locks Journal, and Boys Town Press. She lives in Nebraska with her husband, her three young boys, and her two mostly saintly dogs. For more information visit www.tachenyperry.com or follow her on Twitter @TachenyPerry